Despistado [I]The Emergency Response[/I] Review

In late 2001, four young musicians, determined to break out of the isolation of the Canadian tundra, formed Despistado as a creative outlet. Since then, the band has been touring non-stop around the Saskatchewan area, fine tuning their live show, and now, their debut EP, The Emergency Response will be released in the United States by Jade Tree Records.

Upon the first listen to The Emergency Response, the music of Despistado (the Spanish word for "confused"), seems to be very reminiscent of a more upbeat At The Drive-In (without the made up words). Especially on the track, "Can I Please Have An Order of Girl With A Side Of Confused?" The last thirty seconds of this song sound almost identical to ATDI’s In Casino Out years.

Despistado’s light, mathy guitars combine with the drummer’s interesting percussion stylings to form six songs that clip along at a quick pace, and clock in at just over 20 minutes, which is just enough to keep my attention. Anything much longer than that, I think the vocals would begin to irritate me because of the singer’s slight identity crisis with At The Drive In.

As a whole, The Emergency Response is a fantastic debut from a young band, but I’m hoping their full-length will showcase a little more of what this band is capable of.

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