Despistado [I]The Emergency Response[/I] Review

Though the Spanish to English translation of Despistado is “confused,” this four piece are all but that on their debut EP that rocks like hard in a post-hardcore sound that defies any true genre. “A Stirsticks Prediction” sounds like the Operation Ivy/At the Drive In collaboration that never was, with its upbeat rhythm and frenetic vocals. Latin influenced percussion and angular guitar riffs flow like wine on these six tracks, one of which was recorded live in the studio in one take. Rhythms will keep your body moving (I dare you not to dance to the intro to studio jam, “Hi/Fi Stereo”) and the lyrics are sharp enough to keep you from ignoring them completely. Brazil should take notes, this is what an ATDI-influenced band is supposed to sound like. Los ventiladores de At the Drive In no desearán faltar hacia fuera en esta gema de un EP.

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