Despistado [I]The Emergency Response[/I] Review

Canada isn’t known as a powerhouse of anything, let alone music. I doubt very many of us can name a handful of great Canadian bands in less than a minute. I know that I can’t. So when I heard that Jade Tree has signed their first Canadian band I was very skeptical and also very intrigued. I know the standards that Jade Tree has for bands that they sign. They very rarely put out anything that wouldn’t get a three to four star rating in my book.

Despistado is one of the newest bands to join the Jade Tree family and they live up to the Jade Tree standards. Despistado carries a flavor of folksy poppy punk and old school emo.They have a mixture of Against Me!, The Promise Ring and Embraced. There isn’t a drop of monotony in this record and there is nothing but rock and roll ruling the sound waves. I regularly don’t like EP’s but I think this is a great step for an up and coming band like Despistado. This is a great debut album and another solid statement by Jade Tree.

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