Despistado [I]The Emergency Response[/I] Review

Mix early At the Drive-In flavors (circa Acrobatic Tenement) with in-your-face indie-rock like Brooklyn’s Pilot to Gunner, and you kind of get a rough idea of the musical framework Despistado constructs on their EP The Emergence Response.

Regina, Saskatchewan’s Despistado attacks by cutting indentations into the listener’s inner ear with saw-toothed, jagged sounds and emotionally astute lyrics: "That’s very anti-patriarchal of you to accuse that man of rape." Their energized jangly drive is pulled by dynamic, quirky guitars and great dual singing. Dargon Harding’s vocals roll off his tongue in a manner akin to Cedric Zavala (At the Drive-In, The Mars Volta), which is probably why Despistado always gets the ATDI influence thrown at them. These Saskatchewanians succeed at ignoring the unbearable coldness of their hometown (one of the coldest places on the earth) by playing rocking waves of red hot heat in defiance.

Joel Passmore describes the hesitance to escape their small-town surrounding as: "The isolation of Saskatchewan lends itself to creating a cohesive, supportive community." And this mentality is definitely found in Despistado’s highly-energized, tight-knit delivery.

Refreshing, lively, and just downright rocking, Despistado’s The Emergency Response is a six song adrenaline shot that shouldn’t be passed up. A hand to Jade Tree for picking a damn fine group from the Great White North and exposing this boisterous rock outfit to a broader audience.

The second song, "Can I Please Have an Order of Girl with a Side of Confused?" is probably one of the most infectious tracks I’ve heard so far this year. Rock!

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