Despistado is the Band to Watch for in 2004.

Despistado is the band to watch for in 2004. Though The Emergency Response, its Jade Tree debut, is only 20 minutes long, the six songs are bursting to the seams with dance-rock energy. The EP opens with the single, “A Stirstick’s Prediction.” The guitars and drums here are hyper, and the vocals are delirious. After one listen, the infectious tune will be cemented in your brain. Thankfully, the rest of the songs are just as contagious. “Taste This Picture” is a jumble of mathy guitars. “Bubbles” is a hypnotic mix of pounding drums and ominous riffage. “Lipstick,” the closer, is a melodic song that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Fugazi record. Despistado plans to follow up with a full-length in October. For now, this nearly flawless EP should keep its quickly growing legion of fans salivating for more. —J.L.
Sounds like: Isaac Brock fronting Fugazi, with a dash of At the Drive-In—yeah, it’s that good
Fascinating fact: Despistado is Spanish for “confusion”
Artist anagram: Toad Piss Ed

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