Despistado Does It

Got down to the 360 super-early Saturday because word was that lineups would be huge for Jade Tree-signed Regina emo kids Despistado . The club wasn’t packed, but there was a healthy showing of underage kids with Billy Talent patches on their shoulder bags itching to catch one of the few all-ages CMW shows. The strictly enforced no-smoking rule was a relief after too many sweaty, blue-hazed events. Despistado started early – definitely a first for any festival showcase we can remember – and killed with a super-tight set of intricate emo-tinged songs that were (mercifully) more like early Sleater-Kinney than Jets to Brazil. Their boyish, shouty harmonies were endearing.

Fuck Billy Talent and Sum 41 – these are the Canuck punks who deserve bigtime success.

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