David Bazan [I]Fewer Moving Parts[/I] Review

I downloaded this from eMusic following this recommendation from Scott at Stereogum:

I was never a huge Pedro The Lion fan, so David Bazan’s excellent new EP finds me totally off guard.
I, too, have never quite felt the Pedro love, lumping them into that large category of Pleasant And All, But Forgettable. I downloaded an album from Bazan’s electronic side project, Headphones, and it didn’t really wake me up, either.

This disc, on the other hand, might just change my mind. Its five songs are each presented twice, once with a full band and once in a stripped-down acoustic setting. This not only highlights what great songs they are, but it also helps them get stuck in your head.

There isn’t a whole lot of metaphor or subtlety in the songwriting here. The title track is a fairly straightforward exploration of why Bazan split up PtL and went solo. Other tracks are similarly conversational, making it a nice chaser after the relative floweriness of, say, Sufjan Stevens.

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