Cursive sired in the shadow of Fugazi, blasting jagged shards of rhythmic guitar and chunky distortion in tense, dynamic arrangements. Over a dozen years they’ve undergone a number of iterations, from guitarist Steve Pederson (’95-’98) and cellist Greta Cohn (’01-’05) to the current tour’s horns, brought on to re-create their latest, Happy Hollow. Frontman Tim Kasher’s always had a theatrical streak, but graduates from stage drama to cinematic tour-de-force on the religious-themed Hollow, where the horns are like a Greek chorus punctuating his take on sin, faith and hypocrisy. While there are moments when These Arms Are Snakes recall the tense pulse of Fugazi’s Repeater, they’re as informed by math rock and Northwest hardcore as they are D.C. post-punk. The clean, steely guitar doubles back on itself to ambush the galloping bass, while singer Steve Snere goes from slow, drawling malevolence reminiscent of Jesus Lizard’s David Yow to that hardcore hector/scream has become Henry Rollins’ musical legacy. Psychedelic breakdowns spice a tightly wound attack that will trap you in its endearingly chaotic squall. Exit/In

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