Converge, The Explosion, Paint it Black, Bars The ICC in Allston, MA

Its said that you will not remember 90% of an event if you wait more than three days to write it down. I’ve waited about ten days.

Since I was stuck at work for an extra 15 minutes, we missed Bars. I’m not sure if we would have caught them if we had arrived 15 minutes earlier, but I’ll blame my former job anyway; the cocksuckers.

Paint it Black is always good live, which should come as no surprise. There were only four members this time and Andy almost died from the heat. Dan was making fun of his bassist who could barely stand up and was using a wall as a support system. Eventually Dave got a chair from the back for Andy to sit on and they continued their set.

Paint it Black also played two new songs that will be on their forthcoming album. One was a real angry and aggressive song, which Dan said was about his divorce. I can’t remember what the other sounded like (part of the 90% that was lost, I guess).

The Explosion all cut their hair and their singer looked like he gained weight, making him not look anorexic. Their set was really good, with people singing along and having a lot of fun. They played most of my favorites, but left out "Sick of Modern Art," which was disappointing.

We went to get food and came back halfway through "The Saddest Day," which saddened me since that is my favorite Converge song. Their set wasn’t as good as I was hoping, as they were playing two sets in two days (they replaced the late Give Up the Ghost), and I’m thinking that they were saving a lot of songs for the next day. They didn’t play "Locust Rain," which is probably my second favorite song from them. They weren’t playing the same set, so I really should have gone to both shows to satisfy my Converge needs. Bad move on my part.

They also played two songs, which kind of disappointed me. The first one was a basic hardcore song and the second one had more of a Converge feel to it. I really miss the second guitar in their songwriting. I’m still going to pick up You Fail Me when it comes out, but my expectations for it have dropped.

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