Cloak/Dagger [I]We Are[/I] Review

here’s something about Richmond, VA that just won’t allow for suck. For example, the likes of Avail, Gwar and Municipal Waste are all Richmond bands respected for their acutely honed craft, regardless of genre. While Cloak/Dagger are obviously closer to Avail sonically, their intellectually stimulating yet sincere and impassioned punk rock is clearly destined to put them on par with all those names, in terms of relevance and influence. This tenacious post-hardcore bridges the gap between early pioneers such as Bad Brains and Black Flag and newer, slightly more mathematical acts like Dillinger Four and New Mexican Disaster Squad. We Are is clearly more solid, inspired and interesting than any of Cloak/Dagger’s feeder acts: Trial By Fire, Striking Distance and Count Me Out. Wasting no time, the album rips through 14 tracks in 25 minutes yet feels properly paced; its minimalist attitude offers no more or less than is necessary. Raw without feeling lacking and brash without being overly confrontational, We Are is commanding of respect and attention. (Jade Tree)

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