Cloak/Dagger [I]Pinata[/I] Review

These guys recently signed to Jade Tree so you know that this is on the more palatable end of things for me, but I just can’t get over how fresh this band sounds. Sure, there are influences that you can pick out?°¦ the Black Flag element was very up front on their demo tracks, the Wipers/Hot Snakes thing is obvious and there seems to be more than a hint of the Regulations’ guitar sound, but nothing here feels like revivalism. In his review Al Quint mentioned that these guys sound like an indie rock band with a punk edge, and I think if there weren’t former members of Count Me Out and various other hardcore bands on the stage they could’ve come up through the Pitchfork scene just as easily as the hardcore scene. Regardless, this is a band that is breaking down barriers and I absolutely cannot stop listening to this EP.

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