Cloak/Dagger [I]Lost Art[/I] Review

To get an idea of how much I dig Cloak/Dagger, I spent a good half hour a few weeks back figuring out how to order their “Don’t Need A” 7” from Germany cause it wasn’t out here yet. This meant translating a German order form and hoping in the end they’d ship overseas and not just keep my PayPal funds and laugh at me in German. Turns out you can preorder it now from Grave Mistake stateside but hindsight’s 20/20 so fuck me I guess.

If you read this site often enough I think you might find a common thread in a lot of our stuff. We just as well might promote ourselves as “FSS – Like That Show thirtysomething But With More Punk Rock”. The other night as I chugged along in my basement on the ?°»ol elliptical machine like a fat hamster in a wheel I rocked “Lost Art” from my ghetto blaster. I love this band. They’re fed up with most of the same shit I’m fed up with. And the older I get the longer the list gets. Tolerance is not my forte.

The first line on the album is “I want to be paid for nothing.” I’ve worked with people like this. Gone to school with them. They think the world owes them something for nothing, whereas people like myself are content knowing that most times you give more than you’ll ever get. Look at the FSS. The money truck isn’t exactly backing up to our doors. But fuck it. We’ll keep on going even if to spite people (I’m serious).

Dead Idols?°¦ the line goes “my heroes aren’t my heroes anymore and I’m ashamed of what they once were, what they are now and what it is that I don’t want to be.” No one is infallible. No one a saint. No one worth idolizing. I look up to people sure. Do I trust in them implicitly? Umm, no. Did you see that Joe Strummer documentary last year? I met him once and he was a hella nice guy, and he put out an atomic ton of unbelievable music in his life. But he was also real asshole to friends completely writing them off and let’s not forget how he treated ol’ Mick. I might have ignored the second part of that a long time ago but now I can see the whole picture. Keep it coming Cloak/Dagger, I’m just breaking a sweat on this elliptical bastard.

Don’t Need A?°¦ “I’m gonna live my life by my rules and what you think has nothing to do with me.” Pretty much what punk rock is about in one sentence. It’s how I’ve tried to live my life since I listened to my first Black Flag album at 16. I’m picking up my pace.

Deathbed Rebels?°¦ straightforward message, get out of bed and make life happen for you or just wait to die and hope to get it right the next time round. Who knew Cloak/Dagger believed in reincarnation?

Dead Town Beat?°¦third track with “death” in the title. Sensing a theme.

Lower Estada?°¦ an ode to Johnny Thunders and NYC circa ’77?°¦ but more than that it’s an ode to surviving and kicking ass in the process. “Show them no mercy. Go Johnny Go!”

Fast Food Dream?°¦ this is the shit that put me on this ridiculous exercise regimen in the first place. Born into a consumer culture that taught me to consume the worst possible shit and now I’m paying for it. If I have kids some day they aren’t coming within 500 feet of a goddamn Walmart or McDonalds.

“Lost Art” is the perfect title to this album. Punk rock the way Cloak/Dagger does it is in many ways a lost art. I’m not saying they’re the only ones with the spirit. I’m not saying they’re the only ones giving it their all. But they’re one of the few bands out right now that are any good at it. And they’re one of the few bands out right now that remind me of the greats like the Flag. Get this at fine record stores everywhere. And the vinyl comes with a download code so you don’t have to worry about hooking your record player up in your basement every time you want to burn a few calories in hopes of reaching your forties.

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