Just when some were wont to declare that punk rock itself was tantamount to a “lost art,” this Richmond, VA quartet of positively crankin’ agro rockers comes roaring with a vengeance out of the Appalachian corridor to affirm the movement is alive and kicking. In the same ballpark as Dillinger Four and Fucked Up, not to mention departed hometown brethren Avail, Cloak/Dagger pack a surly, steamrolling wallop, delivering big time sensory overload and attitude to burn. Couple that ferocity and heaviness with a speed demon thrust a la the Didjits and Briefs, and you have a damn potent cocktail spilling over your glass and onto your Doc Martens. /Lost Art/ is a near-bludgeoning “example of what” this barn-burning crew are mightily capable of.

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