Challenger [I]Give People What They Want In Lethal Doses[/I] Review

Cram packed full of angular riffage and wild song structures, Give People What They Want In Lethal Doses proves to be an exciting and fiery debut from formerMilemarker men, Al Burian and Dave Laney. Having left socially-aware eclectichardcore behind for emotionally-tinged post-punk, Burian and Laney create a beautifully layered racket with hundreds of ideas fruitfully cascading into each other. To top things off, the alternation between sweet vocal harmonies and throaty shouts seems to be near perfect.

The influences of Husker Du and Fugazi can definitely be heard but Challenger are no mere copyists. Their music has been injected with a certain danceability which will undoubtedly have you jumping around like a mad-man. Another brilliant thing about this album which singles it out from the crowd is that the songs seem effortlessly glide into hard-hitting musical breakdowns, often providing an unexpected punch of punk fury to the gut. There is not much you can fault about this debut, the only slight criticism would be the lack tempo changes, experimenting with song speed would add another string to Challenger’s already complex musical bow.

The highlights of the album include catchy opener, Input the Output and the call and response of Brand Loyalty, both anthemic and brusque. The album gives the listener what they want in ten passionate bursts. Although they’ll be fighting off tough competition from the Bronx, Give People What They Want In Lethal Doses is contender for punk record of the year. Highly recommended.

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