Cex is Playing in London. Hooray!

Cex is playing in London tomorrow, the 6th of September. Whoo!

We like Cex. He will be playing Upstairs at the Garage, in Highbury, and we think you should go, if you’re in the area like.

For more information on Cex go to www.rjyan.com and do yourself a favour and buy his last album ‘Being Ridden’ (if you haven’t already.)

His new album ‘Maryland Mansions’ is out in November.

Here’s some Cex waffle ripped from his website:

“Maybe it’s a little vain, but how vain is not ever talking straight to the people who support you, acting like some magic hermit who keeps mystical secrets locked in his laptop? Eff that. A lot of artists pretend they don’t want to be noticed, but really want to feed illusion and mystery to your imagination until it shits out a version of themselves that is worlds better than what they really are. I, personally, am in this game to scratch scabs and bleed out the secrets on stage so we can paint our own pictures on our bodies together with the blood-secrets…”


middle finger to the indie rock singer /
middle finger to the wack MC – TALK!

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