Cap’n Jazz Reforms, Renamed The Owls

Six years after Cap’n Jazz called it quits, the band is reforming… sort of.

The lineup of Cap’n Jazz has come together once again and plans to have new material available, though this time around, the band will be known as The Owls. Though the band could have easily picked up the Cap’n Jazz banner and picked up where it left off, the time apart, as well as the band’s moniker, proved too much to overcome.

“[We'll pick up] where we left off minus six years and continue with a really dumb name,” said singer/guitarist Tim Kinsellas. “We want a cool name now, no more dumb name.”

The Owls’ are currently recording their self-titled debut with Steve Albini to be released by Jade Tree Records July 31. Though Kinsellas said he and the other Owls will be taking their music in a different direction than previous Cap’n Jazz releases though he didn’t specify how changed the band’s sound is. When asked if the ghosts of former bands like Cap’n Jazz and Joan of Arc would haunt The Owls’ music, Kinsellas didn’t seem too concerned with any similarities that may arise.

“Same people, new songs,” he said.

News of the reformed and renamed Owls comes shortly on the heels of the announcement that Kinsellas was pulling the plug on his post-rock pop band, Joan of Arc (read full story). Joan of Arc will release a postmortem EP of outtakes from its The Gap (2000, Jade Tree) (read Aversion’s review) titled Can Any Thing So Little Be Any More? May 15.

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