Breather Resist [I]Charmer[/I] Review

In 2002 a project unlike none other took form. Louisville, Kentucky was the first to be ravaged by this dynamic quartet; the world is next.

Engulfing you in a plethora of brutal screams and face to the floor chaos, Breather Resist release unto you "Charmer", their much due full length on their newly signed label; Jade Tree. Almost instantaneously taking off where "Only in the Morning" left off, Breather Resist is quick to introduce those of you who haven’t been acquainted just yet.

Laying things out quicker than a bad drug deal about to go down you find yourself wrapped around Steven Sindoni’s pulverizing vocals and emanating, full out guitars in An Insomniac’s Complexion. Taking nothing for granted, the onslaught of mayhem only ensues further as your torn a new one with both A Social Worker’s Nightmare and Midas In Reverse. Over the course of the next few tracks Breather Resist implement a style few and far between, not only that but they, unlike many bands challenge the genre with such tracks as As Far As Goodbyes that consist of a lulling introduction and a cut-throat dive into a chaotic meltdown of furious guitars and fierce screams. The nebulous lull returns again in Loose Lipped Error where the band portray another creative side with a mixture of harsh bass lines and elaborate drumming, Kurt Ballou’s flair for producing is quite evident in this track.

Wrapping things up with Amphetamine Praise and Astigmatism, Breather Resist leave you basking in the hopes that their next album progresses only farther than apparent in Charmer. Aside from a few flourishing, but less than genre challenging songs, Charmer leaves you in the wake that maybe; just maybe the "noisecore" genre will take a step in the right direction.

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