Breather Resist [I]Charmer[/I] Review

Breather Resist hail from Louisville, Kentucky, and can be compared to Botch, Converge, Deadguy and Kiss It Goodbye. Yes, here we have some pretty chaotic, almost unremitting hardcore goodness. Guitars provide occasional melody, a small dose of technicality and lots of noise. The drums and bass form a tight rhythm section, the former negotiating time changes with ease, the latter providing unstoppable momentum. Above this larynx shredding-screeches, and occasionally more emo orientated recitations are highly effective. Charmer bleeds aggression, loathing and antipathy towards?°¦ well, a lot of stuff; this band is fucked off. Moments of melody are welcome, and the expect discords are also effective. Occasional quieter interludes provide some respite, but this is always short-lived.

Breather Resist don’t play metal, yet Charmer still pummels the listener into submission very effectively. For open minded metalheads this is well worth checking out, because anyone that says it’s not heavy is lying – it is heavy, and if you like metal, you may well like this. Recommended for hardcore and math fans.


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