Breather Resist [I]Charmer[/I] Review

Breather Resist seem to be journey men with releasing albums. They have put out EP’s and LP’s on various labels for the past 2 years. They have released music on Initial, Deathwish, Magic Bullet, Nova, Level Plane and now Jade Tree. Their newest effort, "Charmer", is a statement for the "metalcore" scene. It’s original and just plain good. It’s reminiscent of Coalesce and at times Dillenger Escape Plan. Breather Resist features Evan Patterson of Black Cross/National Acrobat.

"Charmer" is bass filled and gritty but at the same time it’s very melodic. It’s not quite as good as Coalesce but at least there isn’t some guy singing in a whiney high pitched voice trying to harmonize with the rest of the music. "Charmer" is a great album and another positive notch in Jade Tree’s belt.

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