Breather Resist [I]Charmer[/I] Review

Breather Resist always seems to impress me. Their last record, “Only in the Morning”, definitely set-up where “Charmer” now takes a listener. Without losing a drop of aggressiveness, their debut Jade Tree release brings about a certain lost structural element that inherently thrusts emotion onto a listener. This Kentucky foursome also pays homage to their region with a use of heavily chaotic, yet still translatable, southern guitar licks (ala: parts of “A Social Worker’s Nightmare”). While some people feel that this genre of rock’n’roll, chaotic hardcore is slowly being diluted by the number of scene-point seeking teens picking up instruments, Breather Resist still holds strong as a contender. “Charmer” plays out like a climax to some brawl that was started over something as simple as a sweater or some cheese. Listen for yourself kids! You’ll be able to steal ideas left and right!

Side-note: Possibly some of the best artwork I have seen in recent years; congratulations to their artist choice ?°¦ extremely talented.

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