[B]Ester Drang[/B] [I]Infinite Keys[/I] Review


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Blending an ethereal space-like ambience with lush, layered guitars, Tulsa natives Ester Drang draw upon the shoegazer aesthetic. Infinite Keys gracefully moves with a solid direction that was missing from their epic-driven 2001 debut Goldenwest, giving a near flawless presentation. Electronic textures ebb and flow around soft acoustics while Bryce Chambers’ boyish vocal charm echoes the Ocean Blue’s Dave Schelzel, particularly on the bittersweet "If They Only New." "No One Could Ever Take Your Face" and "All the Feeling" evoke a quirky familiarity similar to their Oklahoma neighbors the Flaming Lips. From the shadowy, avant-jazz tinged "One Hundred Times" to "Dead Man’s Point of View"’s crystal synth beats, Ester Drang have created a delightfully tailored dream-pop album.

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