Many of you love Strike Anywhere, and with good reason – their intense blending of hardcore punk with an intelligent, political message is incredibly important in today’s post-9/11, pre-election world. But Strike guitarist Matthew Sherwood might be having a few more adoring fans in the coming months, as he has been dubbed as having the most “completely irresistible” face in America, according to Gillette. The shaving company had been conducting the talent search for the past few months to help launch their line of skincare products, and Sherwood was crowned the winner after receiving a nomination from his girlfriend Aran. So how did Sherwood find out he beat out over 1200 entrants, winning a $25,000 prize package and a chance to be in an upcoming Gillette commercial? From tennis superstar Anna Kournikova, of course. The sexy celeb surprised Sherwood at his Richmond home with the news. Don’t believe us? Well, good thing we have an exclusive photo of the meeting of the minds, which you can view [dial-up users beware; it’s a big one]. So what does Matt have to say about all of this? “I never thought of myself as irresistible – so this is pretty cool!” Be prepared to be signing a lot more autographs on future tours, dude.

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