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Jade Tree is pleased to announce the digital release of PEDRO THE LION‘s now out of print (JT1120). Recorded live in-studio while the band toured in support of , the now digital only features an assortment of PEDRO THE LION originals, in addition to three diverse covers. The EP, originally self-released in July of 2004 by the band, culls from the extensive PEDRO THE LION back catalog, featuring new arrangements of ‘Transcontinental,’ ‘I Am Always The One Who Calls,’ and ‘Slow and Steady Wins The Race,’ juxtaposed against unique cover ballads from Randy Newman, Cat Power and Radiohead. The end result captures the fundamental nature of PEDRO THE LION; averting conjecture over solemn swells of emotion, coaxing the angst from everyday life, but ultimately, never losing sight of a distant hope. The curtain may have been called on PEDRO THE LION as a full band earlier this year, but these songs are an erstwhile reminder of the expansive allure that once was PEDRO THE LION.

1. Transcontinental
2. I Am Always The One Who Calls
3. Slow and Steady Wins The Race
4. Political Science (Randy Newman)
5. Metal Heart (Cat Power)
6. Let Down (Radiohead)

The EP is now available through and . The EP will soon be availble through additional online outlets such as Yahoo, Virgin, FYE, and HMV.

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