The long-awaited Control has arrived! Control is PEDRO THE LION‘s third full-length album, which follows up 2000′s Winners Never Quit. Control is the loose, raw tale of a hyper-modern marriage gone wrong. Wrapped inside the song arrangements, more intricate and highly matured over previous recordings, fans will find Bazanâs trademark lyrical wrangling pushed even further to the side of heartache, cheating, misery and fear.

On the Bedhead-friendly album opener "Options", Bazan sets the stage, singing: "I could never divorce you, without a good reason, and though I may never have to, it’s good to have options". Later, on "Unoriginal", the biggest of the rock songs in the newly updated PEDRO THE LION catalog, a nasty betrayal is revealed and critics might finally be persuaded to stop labeling the band a quiet, folky outfit.

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