PEDRO THE LION’S Achilles’ Heel (JT1095) is now available. Both gorgeously austere and deceptively sweet, this adroit follow-up to 2002′s politically enraged Control was recorded in Washington State at the band’s home studio where longtime David Bazan collaborator TW Walsh was joined by multi-instrumentalist James McAlister (ESTER DRANG[/B]) as the group spent a solid month working on the album’s tracks. The end result is as musically mature as it is emotionally complex, a stunning culmination of the band’s graceful song-craft and Bazan’s well-honed laconic narrative. Achilles’ Heel is thoroughly imbued with the hopeful sadness that only PEDRO THE LION can, and do deliver.

In celebration of the release David Bazan and crew will be performing at 9am (PT) on Seattle’s KEXP 90.3 FM, so you can either tune in online at KEXP or simply stream the show live through iTunes.

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