Our friends at have just released the second part in their Broken Lamps and Hardcore Memories series. Where as their first volume included Richmond’s STRIKE ANYWHERE, this time the boys in TRIAL BY FIRE give it a shake, including the "Point An Inward Finger" track off of their explosive, Ringing In The Dawn CD (JT1070).

The balls-to-the-wall compilation also includes killer tracks from Most Precious Blood, Atreyu, and Curl Up And Die among many others. All this and it’s only five dollars from the good folks at . You really can’t go wrong, can ya?


1. Blood Red – Conscience Calling
2. Crime In Stereo – Warning: Perfect Sideburns Do Not Make You Dangerous
3. With Honor – With The Wind
4. Trial by Fire – Point An Inward Finger
5. The Distance – And I Begin The Longest Year Ever
6. A Wilhelm Scream – The Rip
7. Break The Silence – Ocean’s Away
8. Staring Back – Haunted
9. Most Precious Blood – Funeral Photography
10. Atreyu – Deanne The Arsonist
11. Martyr AD – American Hollow
12. DevilInside – Loaded
13. Twelve Tribes – Translation of Fixes
14. Since By Man – Push the Panic
15. Taken – Arrested Impulse (demo)
16. Love Me Destroyer – 30 Packs and Pearl Snaps
17. Anthym – Darkness Falls (demo)
18. Death by Stereo – No Cuts, No Butts, No Coconuts (live)
19. The Back Up Plan – Looks Like I’m Back On Suicide Watch
20. Scraps and Heart Attacks – Don’t F with S
21. Nora – Dreamers
22. The Funeral – Separation Anxiety
23. Until The End – The Bond To Breathe
24. Curl Up And Die – I Hate Almost Every Person I Come Into Contact With
25. Misery Signals – On Account of An Absence
26. Glass Casket – In Between The Sheets

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