Paint It Black is just about to conclude the remainder of their first European tour and the band will certainly be leaving on a high note, as they finish the tour at France’s Fury Fest on Saturday.

A brief list of tour highlights thus far have included the following:

Enthusiastic crowds in several cities who have helped the band sing along and made Paint It Black feel right at home.

Martin and Tomas, the PIB drivers extrodinaire who have made it their job to make sure the band arrives on time and intact to each show.

The wonderful cities of Berlin, Vienna, Milan, and Luzern.

The excellent football grounds and food specialties of each city.

Bands like Pilger, Down and Outs, Short Fuse, Force of Change, and Arrit Antraek.

And most of all the punks who have done their best to welcome PIB to their home towns each night. Thanks!

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