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PAINT IT BLACK is coming at you again with another flurry of activity in the coming days. First up is an appearance on Pat Duncan’s show on tonight. Then the band will be performing at the Philadelphia stop of the and moving on to play with Thursday and Hot Water Music in NYC, Sunday night, the band will be live on radio show with Pete Lepore. That’s not all, PIB has planned a bunch of shows for the rest of the summer including Best Friends Day in Richmond. Here is a message from Dan posted to the band’s MySpace page:

"This weekend is going to be madness. Friday night the Fuck Yeah! Fest lands in Philly at the Starlite Ballroom, and we were lucky enough to be invited to join. Fuck Yeah! has been an annual event at Echo Park in L.A. organized by Keith Morris of Circle Jerks/Black Flag, with tons of punk and hardcore bands and loudness. They decided to take it on the road this year, with a smaller group of bands doing the whole U.S., and the Circle Jerks & Dillinger Four joining in for Philly and NYC. It promises to be totally fucking insane. Those of you who know us already know how we feel about D4 (best current punk band in the world! Political, Catchy, Drunk! Referenced in the lyrics to "Election Day"!!!) What you may not know, is that PIB exists for 3 reasons: Minor Threat’s "Out of Step", Circle Jerks "Group Sex", and the early Black Flag singles. Keith Morris was an integral part of 2 out of 3 of these. We are hugely flattered and excited to have been invited to play this. There’s also an astounding array of art punk madness joining in, in the form of the electro-punk party of Team Robespierre, the insane mandatory crowd participation drum dismantling of israeli noise rockers Monotonix, and the true-love-forever-organ-and-drum wonderfulness that is Matt & Kim (is it new wave? is it punk? is it indie? is it danceable? Guilty on all counts!) and or course, your friends PIB, Dillinger Four (back to redeem themselves after the vomit-soaked disappointment that was their last Philly show!), and the Circle Jerks!!!!!!! I know we’ve been playing a lot of straight up HC shows lately, and this Friday promises to be a very different experience. Think Gainesville Fest (infinity-plus-one stage dives!) meets our Philly springtime outdoor show from 13th Street. Let’s raise the fucking bar for fun! Friday!"

"If that wasn’t enough reason to celebrate, we’re joining Hot Water Music for their long-anticipated return to New York City on Saturday night. Old friends from the days when they would play basements and VFW halls with Lifetime in the early 90′s, these guys have heart to spare, and always bring it live. I know that beard jokes and Fuel references would be lost on most of today’s youth, but you old heads know what I’m talking about! This promises to be an exciting night for everyone. Get ready!"

07/10/2008 Pat Duncan Show @ WFMU Radio
07/11/2008 Philadelphia, PA United States @ Starlight Ballroom
07/12/2008 New York, NY United States @ Terminal 5
07/14/2008 The Punkyard @ GRock Radio
07/25/2008 Santa Barbara, CA United States @ Sound and Fury
07/26/2008 Santa Barbara, CA United States @ Sound and Fury
07/27/2008 Santa Barbara, CA United States @ Sound and Fury
08/15/2008 Richmond, VA United States @ Best Friends Day
08/16/2008 Richmond, VA United States @ Best Friends Day
08/17/2008 Richmond, VA United States @ Best Friends Day
08/22/2008 Philadelphia, PA United States @ Starlight Ballroom
08/23/2008 Philadelphia, PA United States @ Starlight Ballroom
08/24/2008 Philadelphia, PA United States @ Starlight Ballroom

Keep an eye on the for future tour related updates and further details.

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