Philadelphia hardcore outfit, PAINT IT BLACK have announced plans to release their debut album, CVA (JT1080) LP/CD on Jade Tree, February 4, 2003 (Available for pre-order December 9, 2002). Featuring Dr. Dan ‘Screamin’ Yemin of LIFETIME and KID DYNAMITE (making his vocal debut), David Wagenschutz (LIFETIME, KID DYNAMITE, GOOD RIDDANCE), Dave Hause (The Curse), and Andy Nelson (Affirmative Action Jackson), PIB bring the noise on one of the most thrilling and long-awaited debuts of 2003. There are not too many ways to elaborate on the PAINT IT BLACK sound-it’s raw, uncompromising, aggressive ‘core plain and simple, with heavy emphasis on political and personally motivated lyrics, and a touch of melody thrown in for good measure. With a demo that sold out within mere weeks, an exclusive track on Jade Tree’s Location is Everything, Vol.1(JT1075) CD Sampler and 2 tracks on Chunksaah Record’s The Philadelphia Sound compilation (Out October 22 with fellow Philly notables Knives Out, The Curse, and Go! For The Throat), PAINT IT BLACK has been busy generating a buzz across the globe. Live, PAINT IT BLACK has played with the likes of Dillinger Four, The Locust, MILEMARKER, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kill Your Idols, Born Dead Icons, Count Me Out, Total Fury, and STRIKE ANYWHERE and plan to continue stunning audiences throughout 2003 .

The 16 song CVA was recorded at Inner Ear in Washington, DC with the acclaimed J. Robbins (JETS TO BRAZIL, Dismemberment Plan) at the helm of his first hardcore record-a gamble for both band and producer-which paid off handsomely on CVA‘s riveting sonic attack.

CVA is highly recommended for fans of Black Flag, Seven Seconds, and early Bad Brains.

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Upcoming PIB Shows:

The Philadelphia Sound Record Release Shows

October 12: Boston, MA Regeneration w/ Knives Out, The Curse, Go! For The Throat + 2 More
October 13: Philadelphia, PA Pontiac Grille w/ Knives Out, The Curse, Go! For The Throat

Jade Tree 2002 CMJ Showcase

October 30: Brooklyn, NY Warsaw

Check out this interview with PIB:

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