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Jonah Matranga has completed working on ONELINEDRAWING’S follow-up to 2002′s critically acclaimed Visitor. The Volunteers LP/CD (JT1093), which is slated to be released on March 16, 2004 (Available for pre-order January 20, 2004), was made spontaneously in many different places, ranging from the smallest bedrooms to full-bore studios, all of which contributes to the immediacy and diversity of the performances, with Jonah’s voice more direct and dynamic than it has ever been and bridging the gap between Jonah’s roots and his eclectic songwriting. The disc also includes an enhanced portion that contains demo versions of the album tracks with additional liner notes written by Jonah.

And the packaging for The Volunteers is just as special as the music within. With liner notes written by Geoff Rickly of Thursday and cover art reminiscent of an antique book, The Volunteers is simply one of the coolest packages that Jade Tree has ever had the pleasure of releasing."



1. New York
2. Over It
3. A Ghost
4. Superhero
5. Stay
6. We Had A Deal
7. Oh, Boys
8. Livin’ Small
9. Believer
10. Portland
11. As Much To Myself As You

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