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Featuring a collection of five unreleased NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD songs, Peace With Nothing is a digital-only EP that compiles three original tracks and two covers that fall close to the Orlando, Florida band’s influential origins. Peace With Nothing is available now.

Delivered over NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD‘s enraged brand of melodic hardcore, the three original tracks present succinct attacks on the current presidential administration and poverty, while the two covers offer a glimpse into NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD‘s ’80s hardcore influences (namely Government Issue and 7 Seconds.)

Cast through shades of indignant but energetic punk, Peace With Nothing serves as a culmination of the band’s allegiance to a simpler time in hardcore, while still maintaining a refreshed sense of insanity, urgency and the band’s crucial heritage as a vehicle for change in punk.

Download the full size cover art .

The entire release is now available for online streaming .

Track listing:
1. No Protection
2. Peace With Nothing
3. Abandoned
4. Understand
5. Here’s Your Warning

Peace with Nothing can be purchased directly from:

And a host of other .

For the vinyl lovers out there, rest assured, a 7" version of this release is in the works! Details on that will be released as they become available.

Remember that the band’s full length, Don’t Believe, is available on , , and .

Also available in the estore is an and .

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