Release Date: August 13, 2002
Available for pre-order: June 11, 2002

Hot on the heels of their Jade Tree debut album, Anaesthetic[/], (which the New York Times named as one of it’s top underground releases of 2001), and the re-release of Frigid Forms Sell (JT1069) earlier this year, MILEMARKER are back with a six-song mini album/maxi EP showing that high-velocity progress is the MILEMARKER steez. Half of Satanic Versus was recorded in Chicago with STEVE ALBINI (NIRVANA, PIXIES, PJ HARVEY) at monolithic Electrical Audio; three songs which deliver on the promise of the live shows – bombastic heaviness, drone epics, flailing anthems and polemics aplenty. The flipside is the songs the band self-recorded – three various and sundry Electro-jams, alternately recalling the precision and coldness of KRAFTWERK and the crunktastic party-vibe of Around the World in a Day-era PRINCE AND THE REVOLUTION.

As an added bonus, Satanic Versus is also an enhanced CD EP containing live footage of MILEMARKER in action.

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