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Lock up your daughters. The Jade Tree debut from LORDS, Swords, hits the streets today and it’s a real burner, perfect for these dog days of summer. Swords combines the “get in the van” urgency of a forgotten era of SST influenced punk rock with an awe-inspiring precision and swagger of late 80’s American thrash metal. The heir apparent to the throne of the resurgent Louisville hardcore scene, LORDS deliver their unique brand of volatile thrash in a blaze of towering riffs, near heretical rants and throttling drums.

Somehow LORDS managed to cram a punishing wall of sound into an inconceivable 13 song, 20 minute long package, which you can now claim as your very own at finer stores everywhere. It’s a torrid and unrelenting assault that will leave a trail of scorched earth in its path. The band will also start delivering the goods in person to the western half of the United States later this week, so make sure not to miss their completely dominant live show.

2. Ringfinger
3. Two Lies
4. She Is The Last
5. Snake It
6. My Kind Live Low
7. Watching the Clock
8. Slow and Stupid
9. Lift High The Mighty Throne
10. Talking Whip
11. Beauty Sleep
12. The Crawl
13. Curse of Clear Vision

Please consult the Lords for current dates.

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