911 may still be a joke, but this news announcement is not. It’s true. After several April Fool’s jokes and countless pleas from fans over the years, the influential New Jersey band will be playing a one-off reunion show on Saturday, August 20th almost a decade after the release of their ground-breaking albums, and .

LIFETIME, whose early material (7”s, compilation appearances, and first full-length Background) will be re-released by Jade Tree in early 2006, will be playing to help benefit the effort to save the legendary from extinction.

For more information, please read the official press release below:

//radiotakeover, JakPrints and Alternative Press magazine present Hellfest 2K5 – Featuring the reunion of a LIFETIME

“Picture this, it’s 1995 and your leaving high school but you miss your bus. Your buddy borrowed his moms car that day and offers to give you a ride home. In the midst of conversation over study hall and skipping class, you begin to pay attention to the sounds from the stereo. It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard. You ask him to turn it up in disbelief of what you are hearing and ask who it is. As he’s turning up the stereo, he tells you their name—LIFETIME.”

—Chris Ring, Max Cruise Entertainment, LLC

Who would have foresaw a simple ride home from school changing someone’s life, and that of so many others, forever. Who would have thought a hardcore band that started in 1990 could pave the way for so much of the music we listen to today. We didn’t then—nobody did—but we realize it now, and this is why we are honored to host a one and only Lifetime reunion show.

We remember Background, we hold Hello Bastards (Jade Tree) on a pedestal, we won’t let go of Jersey’s Best Dancers (Jade Tree) and we treasure all of the 7 inches; and now, after almost 10 years, we have a chance to relive it all one last time.

Lifetime and the Hellfest organizers are coming together the weekend of August 19 – 21st for what is to be one of the most talked about and remembered sets in the history of hardcore and punk rock. And knowing Lifetime, they’re doing it for all the right reasons.

Both Hellfest and Lifetime will be making charitable donations to the Save CBGB’s fund as well as another foundation to be named shortly.

Both parties are coming together not only for the sake of the music, but because of a stronger, more common bond—the bond that was instilled in us growing up in a hardcore and punk rock community that preached unity, togetherness, friendship and support. This is a scene that was built upon never backing down, showing you its ok to stick to your convictions and to stick to what you believe in.

One place that gave bands and kids an outlet to do this is the legendary CBGB’s. CBGB’s is a place that helped keep a scene alive, a place that welcomed us with open arms, embraced our scene and helped build it to what it is today. To show our appreciation, we want to give back to the people that gave us more than we ever expected. We are doing our part and you can do yours. Please visit savecbgb for more information on how you can help.

Lifetime’s classic albums, Hello Bastards and Jersey’s Best Dancers, are available on Jade Tree. A collection of early material (7”s, compilation appearances, the Background album, and unreleased material) is tentatively planned for an early 2006 release by the label.

Before we announce this weeks other bands, we wanted to leave you with some words from Lifetime—words that we hold dearly to our hearts and words that can define what Hellfest is about.

"Hardcore is not a background beat for you to move your dancing feet. It’s a feeling, living, breathing. It’s life for those love living. It’s outrage, energy, compassion. Not hate, not violence or fashion…"

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