Jade Tree’s newest band is CHALLENGER, which features MILEMARKER’S backbone and main creative forces, Al Burian and Dave Laney.

CHALLENGER is no mere project or one-off, but rather an entirely new group that builds upon MILEMARKER’S intensity, yet offers something wholly different. Reminiscent of the abrasive and pummeling energy of bands such as Husker Du and Sonic Youth, CHALLENGER songs are non-stop, scratchy, fuzzed out affairs of speed driven post-punk. But CHALLENGER refuses to lose itself just to keep pace with its meaty bursts, providing a generous roadmap of melody buried within the scrawl and totally refining the classic guitar determined origins of American indie music in the process.

CHALLENGER has just completed recording their debut full-length with A.J. Mogis (Statistics, The Faint, Cursive) at Presto Studios in Omaha. The ten-song Give People What They Want In Lethal Doses LP/CD (JT1092) is due to hit the streets in early 2004. Prior to the release, CHALLENGER plans to get familiar with audiences by staying out on the road beginning in October.

Please consult the Challenger for current dates.


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