It’s official! Jade Tree’s 15th year is the year to dust off your collection and start cramming for the upcoming examine because if you’re caught just mouthing along in the month of August you’ll be banned forever. On the heels of last week’s LIFETIME news comes confirmation that both KID DYNAMITE and DAMNATION AD will be reuniting for shows next month. Although the exact dates have yet to be determined, DAMNATION AD will be performing at and KID DYNAMITE will be playing CBGB along side good friends Greyarea in support of the campaign. Exact details and dates will be announced soon, stay tuned…

On a related note, recently posted this updated about the KID DYNAMITE DVD project:

"While unconfirmed rumours abound, the only definitive news about acclaimed hardcore act Kid Dynamite is the progress of their long awaited DVD. The package was first promised in 2003 with the release of Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems. According to sources in the band, the DVD is progressing steadily, and the source revealed some tentative features for the DVD, though as work is underway this may change.

The DVD is expected to include live footage from their first and last show as well as their reunion for the Syrentha Savio Endowment in 2003. As well, the DVD will include interviews including a special group interview created for the DVD, and plenty of behind the scenes material. The DVD will be packaged with artwork produced by Jeremy Dean who was also responsible for the artwork for both Kid Dynamite and Shorter, Faster, Louder. A commentary and photo gallery are also planned.

While nothing is definitive as yet, the band and label hope to see a release in early 2006. The esteemed band broke up in 2000."

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