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Good morning, New Year! Or, as my family would have it, Rabbit, Rabbit! Reader beware – the invocation of the rabbit is an arcane superstition, and like all superstitions, should be approached with some trepidation. Tradition holds that if you say "Rabbit, Rabbit" before you say anything else on the first of the month (and especially on the first of the year), you will enjoy a certain mysterious fortune for the remainder of the month or year. If circumstances allow, you should let fly with a pair of crisp, well-articulated hares, but I have also found the reverent, under-the-breath kind to work pretty well. All I can say is, now more than ever. The risk to you, of course, is that by adopting the ritual you become in a way beholden to it – all your eves will be fraught with anticipation. You may find notes pinned to your pajama sleeves or vivid memos pasted across your morning mirror. You may wake with a start and curse the cat, blowing the whole deal. Ultimately, luck is made, I think, but I prefer to leap with the rabbits rather than trudge with the commuters of manufactured chance. Either way, we in the densely populated emotional forest of Brazil wish you happy and peaceful returns in the coming months.

This season finds the band in glorious disarray. I spent the Fall in the throes of a pretty sizeable depression – even by my high standards. I’d like to apologize to the friends and fans of the band for the media blackout and cancelled tour in October / November. Sometimes things must stop, despite the logic of the industry and even the best will of the people. I’ve been healing up in Canada for the past six weeks, enjoying the slightly saner perspective of the CBC, the comfort of family, and the restorative air of well-preserved forest. Now, for the news.

It is with great sadness that I announce the departure of co-founder and drummer extraordinaire, Chris Daly, from the Jets. He has taken his formidable bag of tricks to another project and we wish him well over there and relish the memories of the good times, deep musics and cheerful hijinx of our collective past. This untimely departure leaves the Jet with a pretty sizeable hull breach.

In short, we need a drummer!

Having never done this sort of thing before, we are none of us certain how to proceed. I’d like to appeal to anyone in the New York / Brooklyn area first. I would hope that you are a fan of the band first and a good drummer second, but a good drummer nonetheless. Mostly that you are open to new experience, friendly, compassionate, not better looking than us. Our rehearsals are informal and rigorous – ideas are welcome and songs are shaped accordingly. I tend to direct the proceedings, in a passive, sometimes authoritative manner, depending on the courage of my convictions. It’s almost always funny in our room, but also grave and frequently intimate. I guess what I’m asking for is a liberated artisan type. Our goal is to tour the United States, Europe, Japan and to continue making challenging and unlikely music. This is not meant to intimidate applicants, it is intended rather to inspire a positive, creative relationship. If this appeal resonates, please write us at Thanks to all for reading and especially to our people who give us their time and minds and say, "Yes".

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