Jade Tree United met DS Excavators at the Kirkwood Center on Monday, February 19.

Jade Tree United were bolstered by the addition of Shane Chanpaul to the line up. Chanpaul has been called up previously from the reserve squad and worked wonders for the team

Jade Tree United was fighting for playoff position in this match. Knowing that a loss would see them to a poor position for the playoffs, the team began more passionately then they had in previous matches.

The first ten minutes were competitive with the ball being equally possessed by both teams. It would be the young midfielder Shane Chanpaul who would make the difference early one, scoring the first goal of the night with a well-taken shot on the DSE net.

Immediately following the goal, Jade Tree was denied what should have been their second goal of the night. However, the referee decided that an advantage was played and withdrew the goal.

DSC then took advantage of the ensuing confusion and made their attack, leveling the score at 1-1.

Ryan Mann responded within minutes, as he danced his way through DSE’s defenses to knock in his first to put Jade Tree up 2-1.

As the match wore on, it became progressively more aggressive. Victor Alvarez was seriously fouled on the edge of his own box. The DSE player was immediately carded and JTU attempted to take advantage of the opportunity, but to no avail.

Then, Ryan Mann was carded for his challenge on a DSE player. He carnage continued as Darren Walters was then brought to ground by a nasty challenge for which Jade Tree received a free kick.

As the challenges continued, JTU was unable to keep pace and was surpassed by two goals before mounting a comeback.

With the match flowing back and forth, Casey Gallucio teed up Alex Milne who converted Jade Tree’s third of the night.

With the score at 3-5, Shane Chanpaul received a pass from Ryan Mann to convert his second. The keeper got a touch to it, but his fingertips would not be enough to save the ball from the net.

4-5 at the half, Jade Tree certainly looked as if they were up for the match, but as the game entered the second half, their momentum began to lack the needed speed and control.

Jade Tree settled in and appeared to be ready to deal with the DSE threat, but a lack of defense plagued the team and put them behind 4-6 before they were able to recover.

Shane Chanpaul picked up the slack and kept charging at the DSE goal and it began to work. Inspiring the team with his solo effort to receive his hat trick, JTU pushed forward.

But it was all Chanpaul. With a support system arriving forward with him, Chanpaul was given many more chances and soon, Jade Tree was within a point of equalizing DSE.

But that point would be elusive as DSE moved ahead to 8 goals just as Chanpaul netted JTU’s sixth.

And there the score would settle as the final whistle blew.

Though Jade Tree lost 6-8, the team remains in 5th place due to point differential. The team must now face the dreaded FMC in the first round of playoffs on Sunday, February 25.

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