Jade Tree United played the second match of the season on Thursday, December 14 against newcomers DS Wilson Excavators at the Kirkwood Soccer Club.

After winning the first match of the season two weeks ago, JTU was prepared to continue their strong form this season.

Jade Tree United have looked like a different team this year and may just have what it takes to make this season their most successful one to date.

Ryan Mann began the scoring on the night when he netted his first goal one minute into the match. DS Wilson’s keeper was clearly disturbed by the goal and would be unable to shake off the effects until deep into the half.

Jade Tree quickly went up 2-0 with a quick poke into the net from Victor Alvarez, who easily slid the ball past the keeper and over the line.

Alfredo Agra came up the left side from his defensive position to score a clean shot on net and picking up his first goal in two years, easing Jade Tree to a 3-0 lead in under ten minutes.

DS Wilson fought back, first getting a shot wide of JTU’s keeper and then again fighting their way past JTU’s defenders to make it 3-2.

Jade Tree responded to the threat and Alex Milne’s shot from the top of the box put JTU up 4-2.

Jade Tree was clearly tiring towards the end of the first half. However, they continued pressing DS Wilson and were rewarded with another goal from Ryan Mann and Victor Alvarez, who helped put Jade Tree ahead 6-2 as the half ended.

Second half defensive jitters kept Jade Tree holding back until Ryan Mann broke through and scored, settling the ball into the net with a stunning lob and claiming his first hat trick of the season.

DS Wilson was beginning to break through and goalie Brian Olden’s deft saves-including one off of his foot as he lay on his back from making a previous save-were instrumental in keeping DS Wilson from overcoming JTU.

DS Wilson did get a few more on the scoreboard as they scored in succession before JTU tightened up defensively and aggressively moved the ball up field. This paid off with Alex Milne taking a beautiful wide-shot and Victor Alvarez receiving his hat trick.

But Jade Tree was still not finished. Up 9-7Jade Tree finished with Ryan Mann’s fourth of the night. A shot that bounded of the cross bar and into the net with dramatic effect in the last minute of the game and putting Jade Tree a solid 10-7 to DS Wilson Excavators.

Jade Tree United face archrivals F.I.S.T. on Thursday, December 21. This is a match that should not be missed. Jade Tree United are 2-1 in previous meetings against F.I.S.T.

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