Jade Tree United played Super Saiyons away at PAL 1 on Thursday, February 15.

Jade Tree were missing ‘keeper Brain Olden and thus Jim Brooks was put between the posts for the second time this season.

Jade Tree, in what has almost become a trademark for the team, started off slowly. The team looked unenthused as tried to string together anything that looked remotely like football.

JTU were scored on in under five minutes and immediately looked even worse for wear.

Several fouls against Jade Tree followed the Saiyon goal, with Victor Alvarez and Ryan Mann being harshly tackled in quick succession.

Alvarez responded by picking up his first of the night and bringing the match level.

Casey Gallucio was brought down in the box in the fifteenth minute. Gallucio converted the PK, but the kick had to be retaken. Gallucio then missed on his next try.

Super Saiyons surged back at Jade Tree and scored several goals in just minutes, leaving JTU behind 5-1.

Jade Tree added Alex Milne into the mix in the twentieth minute. Milne had his attempts hit the cross bar, much to him and his teammates chagrin.

Jade Tree continued to be muscled off the ball, losing challenges and hardly putting together any passes. This would put the team down 8-1 as the first half ended.

Jade Tree came back on to the pitch without much change and continued to be pummeled. Super Saiyons were up 9-1 before Alex Milne finally got a shot in net. Milne was then immediately involved in setting up Gallucio for his first of the night, as he slid the ball across mouth of goal for Gallucio to slide in past the Siayons’s goalie. Gallucio celebrated by pointing in the direction of Christina Hospital where his mother was undergoing surgery.

Sensing the urgency, Jade Tree finally raised their game and started pushing their attack on Super Siayons.

Darren Walters took out a Saiyon player just outside the JTU box, but a penalty was given anyway. Jim Brooks stopped the shot, but another Saiyon put in the rebound.

Victor Alvarez then rushed forward in a frenzy to nick the ball over the Saiyon’s keeper and into the upper left netting. The score stood at 10-4 with ten minutes to go and Jade Tree was feeling the fire.

Mike Leyva came into the mix and made his first attempt soon thereafter. Luckily, his shot came off of the bar to the feet of Milne, who tapped the ball in without the Saiyon defense even noticing.

With the score sitting at 10-5, the game quickly became a stalemate as Saiyons held on to possession and began wasting time, ensuring that they won by a large margin.

Rumors of a bust up in the tunnel after the match are said to be exaggerated. However, the NCCO League officials will review the reports early next week to see if any action should be taken against the players.

Jade Tree United is now fifth in the league after an ambitious start. The team will now face the DS Excavators, whom they beat 9-7 earlier in the season, in the knockdown round for playoff position on Monday, February 19.

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