Jade Tree United’s Fighting Orange hosted the Gunners at Absalom Jones gym Wednesday night and was handed its second loss in less than a week.

The team, who was coming off a defeat just last Saturday, was determined to come away from this match with a win. Alas, it would not be in the cards for Jade Tree.

The first 5 minutes went without incident as the Jade Tree offense pressured the Gunner’s much slower defense. Several shots on goal by JTU were spot on, but were met with ease by the Gunner’s able keeper. The Gunner’s meanwhile came back at JTU and scored seven goals just as the half was headed to a close.

However, late in the first half, Tim Owen (#9) scored a goal to keep Jade Tree in the game.

Jade Tree came out screaming into the second half, firing off more than a dozen shots on goal, none finding their mark. The Gunners managed to score 3 straight goals before Alex Rudzinski, (#4) managed a fine shot from the top the Gunner’s box.

While Jade Tree ultimately lost its second straight game, the team was much more inspired on this go round and managed to create several opportunities that just could not get converted. Afterwards, team manager Darren Walters (#16) commented, “I’m proud of my team. We were better prepared for this match and we were quick on our feet and very determined. Unfortunately, that only gets a team so far.” Walters went on to say that “I have to maintain that PMA and so do my players. Gotta have that PMA. I believe a string of wins is close at hand for Jade Tree United.”

Final score 2-12. Jade Tree United meets ING Direct next.

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