Jade Tree United returned to the PAL Center on Sunday, January 14 for a match against Barclays FC.

Once again fielding a depleted team, JTU looked in danger as the game began.

Quickly overcome by Barclays FC, Jade Tree was down 0-3 within five minutes and looking desperate.

JTU then made several substitutions and the game began its dramatic turnaround with a run of goals from the team.

First, Ryan Mann continued his run of form and scored one for Jade Tree.

Next, Alfredo Agra blasted the ball into the BFC net, helping to focus JTU’s mental game.

Alex Milne netted his first of the match with a solid shot that went high and to the right to put JTU level in less than five minutes.

As the match continued, Jade Tree continued their offensive with fervor.

Victor Alvarez added his name to the score sheet after receiving a pass from Milne and sinking the ball into the net.

Alex Milne dribbled to the brink of BFC’s net before releasing a scorcher that gave him his second of the match.

Ryan Mann added another to his tally with when the BFC goalie dropped the ball and Mann secured a rather easy goal from within the box.

JTU keeper Brian Olden took a controversial goal kick that landed in front of the BFC net. Ryan Mann than succeeded in poking the ball between the goalie’s legs, giving Jade Tree United a 7-3 lead as the match went into halftime and receiving a hat trick for his efforts.

At the beginning of the second half, Jade Tree clearly looked poised to continue their domination-and they did.

Victor Alvarez once again came forward from his defensive position to put away his second of the day.

Darren Walters came down the left side to overlap Mike Leyva and receive a pass from him before calmly left footing his first goal of the season.

Leyva than scored his first of the match, beating two defenders and knocking one past the BFC keeper, who beat upon the goal in frustration.

Ryan Mann kept up his pace and shook off the BFC defense to confidently volley his fourth of the day into the BFC net.

After 11 unanswered goals from Jade Tree, BFC made two vital substitutions that resulted in Barclays adding two goals to make it 11-5.

Darren Walters then pounced upon another opportunity when the BFC keeper took a goal kick, only to have none of his teammates receive the ball. Walters teed up the ball and nailed it past the BFC keeper and into the old onion bag.

Alex Milne picked up his hat trick after receiving a free kick from Casey Gallucio and asserting Jade Tree’s desire to continue scoring until the end.

Ryan Mann then ended the match with a goal-his fifth of the match- in the final seconds of the game, helping Jade Tree to win this one a substantial 14-5.

Jade Tree United is poised to be in second or third when the next standings are released. This has been a stellar season for Jade Tree United, whose best placements have been 10th and 9th in previous seasons. The team has Champion’s League aspirations. If they keep up this form, chances are good that JTU will see their way there.

Jade Tree United meet ATM United away at PAL 1 on Sunday, January 21.

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