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The beloved Pride of Delaware, the Jade Tree United soccer team, has finally made available scarves for its supporters and friends of the team and its sponsor, Jade Tree.

The scarves are 100% acrylic knit in the Jade Tree United colors of orange, black and white. Both sides feature the Jade Tree logo, with the front reading “Jade Tree United” and the back reading “Pride of Delaware”.

Strictly limited to 150, these scarves show your support of both the Jade Tree United soccer team and their sponsor, Jade Tree. A great buy for fans of soccer, music or looking good off the pitch. Make sure to get yours today.

Scarves can be found here for the low price of only $18.75. Click on the link to the Jade Tree E-Store below to order yours today!



Jade Tree United returned to action with three matches in less than a week’s time, which provided supporters with a topsy-turvy collection of matches.

It all began on when Jade Tree played BAC at PAL II on Thursday, January 10, 2008.

Jim Brooks started in goal for the recovering Brian Olden, who was recuperating from a severe poisoning scare the previous week. With the rest of the team ready for action, Jade Tree prepared for their first win of the New Year.

Immediately, phenom Shane Chanpimol took his opportunity to knock one in from 8 yards out.

Jade Tree played flowing football, passing well and containing the BAC players.

Chanpimol easily put his second past the BAC ‘keeper from a pass from Al Agra out of the back.

BAC responded with an attack that resulted in their first of the night.

Jade Tree, scared into moving forward, pushed ahead, with Rich Emge grabbing the third JTU goal of the game.

It was back to the other end of the pitch, as BAC netted another to bring the score to 3-2.

With the score line so close, Jade Tree refused to allow themselves to be taken. The team quickly pounced on an open BAC net, where Ryan Mann easily chipped on in for his first of ‘08.

BAC though, perhaps angry at the easy goal, quickly attempted to level and were able to grab yet another goal before the half.

Stirred once again into action, JTU played more conservatively, reshaping the defense and taking charge of the match.

Deep into first half injury time, Shane Chanpimol was spotted by Tony Coates running towards the left side of the BAC net. Coates passed to Chanpimol and he scored his third of the night, capping off a hat trick as the half came to a close.

With the score at 3-5 at the half, Jade Tree knew that they must stay in control of the game. How would they do this? By simply shoring up their leaky defense and reigning in their forward players.

Within three minutes of the start of the half, Shane Chanpimol continued his brilliant performance by rounding the BAC goalie and firing his fourth into the net.

Alex Milne, receiving a kick from JTU ‘keeper Jim Brooks, zigzagged towards the BAC goal. As Milne looked to be prepared to take his own chance at a goal, he deftly passed the ball off to Chanpimol, who took the shot off of his left boot and netted high and to the right.

Undaunted, BAC attacked and were rewarded with two goals for their effort. Stunned, Jade Tree locked down once again, hoping to retain their lead.

It was, of course, Chanpimol who received his second hat trick of the match when he ran the full-length of the pitch, beating three defenders and a ‘keeper to score his sixth, a club record for an under-21 player.

BAC was handed a goal as the JTU defense became confused on a corner kick, bringing the core to 7-8, where it would remain for the final three minutes as JTU stood their ground and did not pursue more goals, but simply defended wonderfully.

The result? A hard fought win for the team and a congratulatory handshakes and hugs from manager and teammates for the outstanding Shane Chanpimol.

The win buoyed the Jade Tree United spirit as the team, who was now 3-1, prepared for its next match against bitter rivals, FIST, away on Sunday, January 13 at PAL 1.


Sunday, January 13, 2008 saw Jade Tree United meet their arch rivals, FIST, away at PAL 1.

With the derby atmosphere hanging in the air, fans running riot and security tight, JTU, playing in enemy territory, were clearly up and ready for what was sure to be a brutal and intense evening.

Tensions were high, as evidenced when JTU were given a penalty just a minute into the match for a handball / foul combination in the FIST box.

Striker Shane Chanpimol was given the penalty kick, but failed to convert in a rare miss. FIST seized this opportunity and attacked in force, eventually putting two in quick succession past back in action JTU ‘keeper Brian Olden.

Jade Tree fought back with ferocity, but things seemed to not go their way at all on the night. Attempts on net from Alex Milne, Casey Gallucio and Ryan Mann were all rebounded off the bar and for far forward FIST players to grab and convert into 2 more goals.

Down by four, JTU rallied for a comeback.

Victor Alvarez lifted JTU team and fan spirits when he bounced the ball off his chest and past the FIST goalie.

Ryan Mann, working with Alex Milne and Rich Emge, scuttled around the FIST defense to scuff the ball into the bottom right.

On a run, Jade Tree felt a comeback on the horizon and played out of their skins.

This resulted in Shane Chanpimol getting his confidence back. Receiving the ball deep into the FIST box from defender Darren Walters, Chanpimol fired direct on net. The ball, saved by the FIST goalie, dropped to Chanpimol’s feet where he quickly converted it into a goal.

With the score standing at a respectable 4-3, Jade Tree continued their run of good play.

That play was interrupted five minutes later, when FIST, splitting the JTU defenses, scored their fifth goal of the night. This same scenario was repeated again a less than a minute later when FIST again scored.

FIST, aiming to take JTU out of the game before the half ended, pushed and pushed. The aggressive team, rallied on by its home supporters, began creeping through the Jade Tree line of defense and peppering the JTU net. The result? Another four goals for FIST in 3 minutes.

Victor Alvarez, moving forward from his defensive position, and with Al Agra at his side, made quick work of the FIST defenses, playing a give and go with Agra that resulted in a wonderful goal off Alvarez’s right boot and high and right past the FIST ‘keeper.

Jade Tree, with two minutes of the first half left and hanging on for dear life, were again given a boon when Shane Chanpimol was fouled in the FIST box. Given a penalty kick and a talk from his manager, Chanpimol was dead on target with this penalty kick, buoying the team’s spirits as the half wound to an end with a score of 10-5.

Jade Tree, clearly exhausted from FIST’s first half attacks, played more defensively in the second half. The team was more adept at closing down FIST opportunities for most of the half. However, this did restrict JTU’s ability to close the gap.

Jade Tree’s only goal of the second half came from an unlikely source. Defender Jim Brooks blasted the ball from the Jade Tree side of the pitch, catching the FIST goalie out of the net and giving Brooks his career first goal.

Still, Jade Tree held back, keeping FIST from entering their defensive half.

It was, however, to be FIST’s night. As the final minutes ticked away, Jade Tree unable and willing to press forward, let FIST slip past them and cap their scoring at 11 for the match, leaving the final score to be 11-6.

As the final whistle blew, FIST fans rushed the pitch to congratulate their team. The Jade Tree team, worried for themselves, quickly left the grounds as things quickly got out of hand, resulting in several injuries to match officials and fans.

“Any time that we play FIST it will be a tough and aggressive match,” commented manager JTU Darren Walters. “This year, FIST have added several international players and overhauled a majority of their team. You could see that result on the field today.” Walters also mentioned Jim Brook’s goal, “I am very happy for Jim Brooks. His goal shows his tenacity and commitment to Jade Tree.” Asked later about the environment in the stadium he said, “I refuse to make comment. It is clear that there is an issue of safety for fans and players at this venue and I would hope that there will be some discipline handed out.”

Jade Tree United next meet first place, and unbeaten, Dynasty FC on Monday, January 21 home at Kirkwood.


The Kirkwood center was the scene of a home match for Jade Tree United versus first placed Dynasty FC on Monday, January 21.

Dynasty FC, currently in first place and unbeaten, was always going to be a difficult match for Jade Tree. But the team was devastated further by day of the match news that not only was ‘keeper Brian Olden once again sidelined, but the team would be missing Krista Butler, Ryan Mann and in form striker Shane Chanpimol (off playing in a FIFA sanctioned U17 qualifier).

Jade Tree knew that it would have to muster up its best in order to maintain confidence under such circumstances.

Dynasty FC pressed Jade Tree from the outset. Dynasty, who was fielding 5 international level players, applied pressure from every angle possible.

Jade Tree United hung on for 10 minutes, with back up goalie Jim Brooks stopping several goal attempts and the Jade Tree defense shutting down Dynasty as best as possible.

As the clock hit its eleventh minute, the bleeding began. Dynasty, attacking with vigor, began to beat the Jade Tree defenders and goalie, netting four within minutes.

Jade Tree attempting to bring the ball forward, were contained at the half. When the team was able to move into the Dynasty half, the shots taken by Milne, Emge, Walters, Alvarez, Gallucio and others were either wide, high or easily saved by the ‘keeper.

As Dynasty racked up three more, Jade Tree was still in the match. The team was refusing to give up, but again, its efforts were simply not being rewarded.

JTU was dealt another blow when Alex Milne was taken out in the Dynasty goal. A Dynasty player slid into Milne, knocking him into the net and ensuring that Milne would be out of action for the remainder of the game.

With the substitutes dwindling, every JTU player was being pushed to their individual limit. It seemed as the end of the fist half could not have come any sooner, as Jade Tree, down 7-0 at the half, limped off of the pitch.

Returning for the second half, Jade Tree looked somewhat invigorated. Several more attempts were made on the Dynasty goal, and once again, they were all unlucky. Stretched to their limit, the Jade Tree defense was unable to keep up with Dynasty’s seemingly endless pressure. Eventually, Dynasty stretched their lead to 0-10.

Jade Tree were further disabled when Darren Walters, who went up for a header, was knocked out of the air by a Dynasty player and laid out flat , falling to the ground with a thud and landing on his back and head. Though Walters had clearly been fouled and obviously intentionally injured, only a kick was given. Walters continued on for a few minutes until it was obvious he could not, leaving JTU with no more substitutes.

Dynasty was held at 10, but in the waning minutes of the match, Victor Alvarez was fouled with an elbow to his ribs. Alvarez reacted ferociously and him and the Dynasty player needed to be separated by the referee.

The end could not have come soon enough for Jade Tree United, who lost 0-10, decimated and exhausted.

Jade Tree, now at 3-3, will hope to revive its winning ways when they meet Environmental Alliance away at PAL 1 on Sunday, January 27.

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