Jade Tree’s first sampler ‘Location is Everything Vol. 1′ is the first in a series of economically priced CD’s designed to provide the definitive overview of the Delaware-based label’s output.

16 of the CD’s 23 tracks dip into Jade Tree’s catalog of recent and forthcoming releases with songs by Jets to Brazil, Denali, OneLineDrawing (Jonah of New End Original’s solo outfit), Strike Anywhere, Trial By Fire, Owls, Euphone and more.

The CD also features six unreleased songs by Jets To Brazil, The Promise Ring, Pedro The Lion, Milemarker, Girls Against Boys, Miighty Flashlight and Dan Yemin’s (ex-Lifetime, ex-Kid Dynamite) and David Wagenschutz’s (ex-Lifetime, ex-Kid Dynamite, Good Riddance) new band Paint it Black.

Location is Everything Vol. 1” will be released on April 16, and is available for pre-order February 19.

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