Jade Tree is very excited about the 2002 World Cup, which is being held in Japan//Korea at this very moment. This tournament pits 32 of the world’s greatest teams and handfuls of top players like Figo, Beckham, Zindane, and Batistuta against each other in what is arguably the world’s most beautiful display of sport.

After the United States amazing win over Portugal (3-2), it looks as if the USA might just have what it takes to pull off advancement into the second round of the tournament. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the USA! Other office faves include England (although they will have to do a bit better in their next two games in order to gain an advancement) Italy (always contenders), Argentina (Ouch! They might be the thorn in England’s side), and Brazil (never count them out of anything). And if you are getting up early and watching the games on ESPN2, you might notice Jets To Brazil, The Promise Ring, and New End Original being played during the Athlete Profiles at half time. Jade Tree couldn’t be more pleased to be a part of the World Cup in this small way!

So stay tuned and join in the excitement. We’ll be watching until the end.

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