Holy Toledo. We here at Jade Tree have seen the future… of Jade Tree. We’re so damn pumped about it, that we just couldn’t wait any longer to spread the word about the insanity that awaits you in 2006.

We’re going to start the year off proper in January with the stunning new full length from ESTER DRANG, Rocinate (JT1106), and while you’re still wondering, “Wha’ happen’?” we’re going to sneak attack you with the long-awaited DVD from KID DYNAMITE, Four Years In One Gulp (JT1108). This 90-minute documentary will take you into the fire and straight to the heart of the history of quite possibly the greatest hardcore punk band from Philadelphia ever.

Had enough? Didn’t think so. Brace yourself, as we’ll not only be bringing you a double-disc release of killer early and rare material from LIFETIME in the form of Somewhere In The Swamps Of Jersey (JT1100), but we’re also going to drop the bomb on you by reissuing three classic AVAIL albums, Dixie (JT1109), 4AM Friday (JT1110) and Over The James (JT1111)!

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re proud to announce that we’ve signed southern punks and will be releasing the band’s new full-length in 2006. NMDS will also be playing this weekend along with PAINT IT BLACK, THE LOVED ONES and a whole load of other antiestablishment luminaries.

Caught your breath yet? Good, because this is seriously just the beginning. Keep watching this space for announcements of even more new band signings and killer releases. 2006, give us any chance we’ll take it. Give us any rule we’ll break it. We’re going to make our dreams come true, doing it our way.

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