Ahh it’s that time of year again: The cold frost of winter begins to melt away, birds greet the morning with their glorious song, and the smell of fresh flowers is err…completely overshadowed by the stank of some touring band’s van parked in your driveway. Yes after SXSW everyone hits the road and Jade Tree has upward of 8 bands sweating the country and beyond over the next few months. STRIKE ANYWHERE hit Japan and Australia, THE LOVED ONES and THE EXPLOSION will be sharing the stage for much of May, BREATHER RESIST are headed out with noise-monkeys Melt Banana, PAINT IT BLACK will be slaying the West Coast with FROM ASHES RISE before getting all European, and THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES will be joining Underoath for what promises to be one of the bigger tours of the year. Hot damn. Get out your flip-flops and soak it up kids, Spring has arrived!

Please consult the for current dates.

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