Have you been checking out all of the new Jade Tree releases? Jade Tree has released 10 records in 2002 and it’s possible that maybe, just maybe, you did not get a chance to check them all out. Jade Tree wants to help you help yourself, so we’ve put together a list of helpful hints on getting hip to what’s been going this year at JTHQ:

1. Check out the Jade Tree Location Is Everything, Volume 1 (JT1075) CD sampler. With 23 tracks culled from recent releases by Strike Anywhere, Denali, onelinedrawing, Trial By Fire, Owls, New End Original, Cub Country, The Explosion, Zero Zero, and Euphone and previously unreleased exclusive contributions from Milemarker, Jets To Brazil, The Promise Ring, Pedro The Lion, Paint It Black, Miighty Flashlight, and Girls Against Boys, this is the perfect way to get an overall view of Jade Tree.

2. Visit the site often and browse the online store, check out MP3s, read band bios, post on the message board, check out employee profiles-just do it! You will always feel just a click away from what’s new and exciting.

3. Go see Jade Tree bands on tour. Many of the Jade Tree bands are or will be making their way across the US and other countries. Checking out the bands in the flesh may just make you a believer (and help them eat for the day!).

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