The three-day punk rock monolith known as Hellfest begins next Friday in Trenton, NJ. A mere 187 bands will be in attendance, so we here at Jade Tree thought it was important to give you the low down on the members of our crew who will be rocking out over the weekend.

The LIFETIME reunion show will take place on the main stage (B) on Saturday at 9:15 PM. This will be the band’s one and only reunion show and will, of course, blow your mind. Be sure to swing by the Jade Tree table to pick up an exclusive LIFETIME Reunion 2005 shirt or just to say hi. Gifts of vegan goodies will be accepted (and appreciated) all day long!

PAINT IT BLACK will bring their own version of to the Hellfest proceedings on Saturday as well at 5:00 PM on the outdoor stage (A).

THE LOVED ONES will unleash the thunderous rock on Sunday at 1:00 PM on the outdoor stage (A).

Also, we’re sorry to announce that DAMNATION A.D. has cancelled.

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