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Former Jade Tree employee Christopher McCann has recently put his speedy 1990 Ford Festiva up for sale. Mr. McCann, who was known around the office during his two-year tenure as “Joe Subaru”, switched over to Ford when his trusted 1986 Subaru GL finally bit the dust a few months back. Apparently, Mr. McCann has been attempting to make the switch back to the respected Subaru family for weeks now and is looking to finance his return to the brand with proceeds from the sale of the Ford, which is priced at a convenient $500.00. Many Jade Tree fans may remember Mr. McCann’s previous entry into the Jade Tree news on August 1, 2001 after he was asked to leave a local Subaru dealer after he was caught “lounging” in several vehicles. Interested parties may inquire about the vehicle at [email]jadetree@jadetree.com[/email].


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